September/October 2019

Principal's Report

This September has been a very busy time in school. We welcomed new teaching staff, Emily Murphy, Alex Condell and Ciara Yeates. We also welcomed our new secretary, Nikki Murphy.

Bernie Cotter retired, effective 1st September and we had a lovely send off in the hall attended by current and past parents and current and past staff. An original painting was presented to Bernie from the Board of Management and staff. The P.T.A. had previously presented a gift on behalf of the children on the last day of school in June. 

Routines are becoming established, head boy and head girl elected and extra curricular activities have commenced. Hockey teams have been entered, soccer friendlies arranged and already Athletics teams are entered for Santry.

The Board of Management term of office has ended and elections will take place for various roles during the month of November.

The P.T.A. has concluded its AGM and is already preparing for the 5th and 6th class Table Quiz, not to mention the 3rd and 4th class bake off. If Junior and Senior Infants are really lucky, they might have a special visitor in December. 



6th Class

It seems like only yesterday we started Junior Infants in SPNS and yet here we are in 6th class. A very warm welcome back to all of the boys and girls and a special welcome to Alexia, Aaron and April as they join us for our final year in primary school. We have been very busy since September getting settled back into school life. Congratulations to Amelia Grace and Ronan on being elected head boy and head girl - we know that you will both do us proud over the course of the year. This year, sixth class are participating in 'The Daily Mile' which we run three times a week. We will  extend this to five days as the term progresses. We are excited to see how fast and fit we get over the year. In class, we have been working very hard- we completed our first project on Feasts and Festivals and presented them to the class. We also turned our class into a mini bakery for a day when we were studying procedural writing. It was delicious and everyone who looked in complemented us on our skills. 

5th Class

In September, we revised our multiplication from 4th class in maths. In art we did self portraits and we did fact files of ourselves in Irish to go with the self portraits. We started learning about Greek gods in history and in geography we learned about the rivers of Ireland. We did our assembly on new beginnings and we learned a poem called  First Day of School by Roger McGough.

4th Class

Fourth Class have had a very busy start to the year! One of the first things that we did was start learning cursive handwriting. We have been trying really hard to use our new handwriting!

At the beginning of September, we started our first class novel of the year. We are loving Kensuke’s Kingdom so far and have even dramatized parts of the book! As well as our novel, we worked on reports during English lessons. We researched a wild animal and wrote a report about it.

Our favourite things that we have done so far have been our pieces of autumn art. We made animal pictures out of leaves and seeds and we also created autumn animal silhouettes.  We are really looking forward to creating some spooky Halloween art!

We have recently started working on our first group project of the year. We are working in small groups to complete projects about The Stone Age. Each group is researching, and making a project book about, a different topic. We are really enjoying our projects so far and are so excited to work on them in October.


3rd Class

In Third class we have been making new friends and finding out facts about each other. We have been closely following the Rugby World Cup in Japan.  Each pair got a team to support and we did mini projects and found out interesting facts about the different countries and the competition.  We raised money for the Hope Foundation by bringing in €2 to watch the Ireland v Russia match in the classroom.  We did a strike for climate change and marched around the playground with banners, making lots of noise.

In assembly we have been learning lots of songs and hymns and our new class song is ‘I wanna be like you’.

In science we looked at trees in Ireland and we are having a competition to see who can find the heaviest conker by mid-term.

2nd Class

We’ve had a great start to the school year here in Rang a Dó! We took part in the International Strike for Action against Climate Change. This is the second strike we’ve gone on here in Sandford Parish National School. We are passionate about adding our voice to the fight to stop climate change.

Second and Fourth Class are in charge of recycling in the school and so we’ve been revising what can and cannot be recycled and collecting the recycling bins around the school. We love to read in our class and Ms. Laing has read a selection of books to us over the last month – The Twits, The Giggler Treatment, The World’s Worst Teachers and we’re now on to The Witches.

1st Class

Welcome back to all of the parents and children in First Class and a very special welcome to James and Anna, our new pupils in First Class.

We have had a very busy first month of school, catching up after the summer holidays, getting to know our new pupils and deciding on classroom rules and jobs. We also had a show and tell week where we got to bring in interesting and special items that belong to us and talk about them with our friends.

In our class we love to read. We even have a reading raffle each Friday. We can earn raffle tickets for excellent reading. One of our favourite books in 1st Class is ‘After the fall’. It’s about Humpty Dumpty and what happened after he fell from the wall. We have also been learning all about report writing. One of our favourite activities this term has been visiting the computer room for the very first time in SPNS. We researched zoo animals and learned many interesting facts.

The pupils in 1st Class look forward to Irish each day. So far we have learned about An Zu, Ar Scoil, Bricfeásta sa leaba, Is féidir liom and the fantastic story An Toirtís agus an Giorria. We have even been singing as Gaeilge. We learned the song Beidh Aonach Amárach.

We cannot wait for Oíche Shamhna. We will be reading some very spooky stories and dressing up in our Halloween costumes.


Senior Infants

Welcome back to all of the parents and children in Senior Infants and a special warm welcome to Luca our new pupil in Senior Infants.

Our focus so far this term has been “Me, My Home and My School”. We spent our first few weeks getting to know each other again and deciding on our classroom rules and classroom jobs. These are now displayed in the classroom.

Some of the favourite activities this term have been our tour around the school, our October walkabout to investigate our locality, our visit to Mr. Murray and Nikki in the office to find out about their jobs (Mr. Murray even let us make some announcements on the intercom!) and turning our Investigation Station into a ‘senses table’ so that we could investigate with our senses.

In Literacy, we are revising our letter sounds from Junior Infants and learning our letter names too. We write a story together once a week and we look forward to a visit from Miss. Yeates for our station sessions. In Irish, our themes are the same Mé Fein and An Scoil. The children love our ‘chomhrá laethúil​’. They ask each other some of the questions or phrases we have been learning; they test the teacher and sometimes we even test the 6th Class children when they are dropping in our milks! In Maths, Senior Infants are going all the way up to 10! We count forwards and backwards regularly and we are learning how to write the sums that make 6,7,8 and 9!

We are looking forward to dressing up at Halloween already and reading some spooky stories!

Junior Infants

Twenty nine new Junior Infants were welcomed into Sandford Parish National School on the 29th of August this year and they quickly settled into school life. In September we learnt all about houses and homes. We had great fun playing house in our Home Corner, playing with the dolls in the dolls house and making houses using Duplo in Aistear. We listened to lots of stories about homes including The Three Little Pigs, A Squash and a Squeeze, Five Minutes Peace, After the Storm and The Gingerbread Man. We drew maps in Geography of the Gingerbread Man’s journey to the river which can be seen outside our classroom. In Art we drew self-portraits and did handprints.

This October we are learning all about Autumn. We have a very popular nature table that is full of conkers, beech nuts, acorns and autumn leaves. You might even find some animals in their too! We have been learning about the life cycle of an oak tree and all the different changes that happen during the season of Autumn. Everyone is very excited for the Halloween dress up party before the holidays and there has been a lot of discussion about what costumes everyone will wear.

Well done to Junior Infants on their first half term in school, they have been great. Ms Rogan