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 Acceptable Use Policy/IT


Introductory Statement


This policy was formulated by the staff of Sandford Parish National School to facilitate the smooth running of the school.  This policy was put in place to give clear guidelines in relations to internet usage by all staff and pupils.  The school will adhere to all legal requirements regarding internet usage and all DES guidelines regarding same.




  • To ensure the smooth and efficient running of the school.

  • To ensure that all staff members are aware of their collective and individual responsibilities.

  • To clarify procedures in regard to this policy.

  • To comply with Department of Education and Skills circulars and rules for National Schools.

  • To fulfill our legal obligations

  • The aim of this Acceptable Use Policy is to ensure that pupils will benefit from learning opportunities offered by the school’s Internet resources in a safe and effective manner.  Internet use and access is considered a school resource and privilege.  Therefore, if the school AUP is not adhered to this privilege will be withdrawn and appropriate sanctions – as outlined in the AUP – will be imposed.


Content of policy


The school will employ a number of strategies in order to maximize learning opportunities and reduce risks associated with the Internet.  These strategies are as follows:

Internet sessions will always be supervised by a teacher.

Filtering software and/or equivalent systems will be used in order to minimize the risk of exposure to inappropriate material.

The school will regularly monitor pupils’ internet usage

Students and teachers will be provided with training in the area of internet safety.

Uploading and downloading of non-approved software will not be permitted.

Virus protection software will be used and updated on a regular basis.

The use of personal memory sticks in school requires a teacher’s permission.

Students will observe good “netiquette” (ie. etiquette on the internet) at all times and will not undertake any actions that may bring the school into disrepute.


World Wide Web

Students will not visit internet sites that contain obscene, illegal, hateful or otherwise objectionable materials.

Students will use the internet for educational purposes only.

Students will be familiar with copyright issues relating to online learning.

Students will never disclose of publicise personal information.

Students will be aware that any usage, including distributing or receiving information, school-related or personal, may be monitored for unusual activity, security and/or network management reasons.



Students will use approved class email accounts under supervision by or permission from a teacher.

Students will not send or receive any material that is illegal, obscene, defamatory or that is intended to annoy or intimidate another person.

Students will not reveal their own or other people’s personal details, such as addresses or telephone numbers or pictures.

Students will never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone they only know through emails or the internet.

Students will note that sending and receiving email attachments is subject to permission from their teacher.


Internet Chat

Chat rooms may only be accessed under the direct supervision of a teacher and with the written consent of a parent/guardian.


School Website

Pupils may, if appropriate be given the opportunity to publish projects, artwork or school work on the world wide web.

The publication of student work may be coordinated by a teacher.

Pupils’ work may appear in an educational context on web pages with a copyright notice prohibiting the copying of such work without express written permission.

Digital photographs, audio or video clips of individual students may not be published on the school website.  Instead photographs, audio and video clips may focus on group activities.  Video clips may be password protected.

Personal pupil information including home address and contact details will be omitted from school web pages.

Pupils will continue to own the copyright on any work published.



People, ie. staff or students will adhere to all necessary legislation regarding internet usage.



Misuse of the internet may result in disciplinary action, including written warnings, withdrawal of access privileges and, in extreme cases, suspension or expulsion.  The school also reserves the right to report any illegal activities to the appropriate authorities.


Roles and Responsibility for development, implementation and reporting

Board of Management/Principal

  • The Board of Management through the principal and teaching staff has overall responsibility for the development and implementation of this policy.

Success Criteria

The success of this policy will be judged by the successful implementation of its stated aims.



This policy is to be reviewed bi-annually or as the Board of Management deem necessary.


Ratification & Communication

Presented to the Board of Management school year 2018/2019


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