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                                                                            Parent-Teacher Meetings

Introductory Statement


This policy was formulated by the staff of Sandford Parish National School to facilitate the smooth running of the school.





  • To ensure the smooth and efficient running of the school.

  • To ensure that all staff members are aware of their collective and individual responsibilities.

  • To clarify procedures in regard to this policy.

  • To comply with Department of Education and Science circulars and rules for National Schools.

  • To fulfil our legal obligations


Content of policy


  • Parent-Teacher Meetings will take place once per academic year.

  • They will take place towards the end of November/beginning of December (exact dates agreed year to year).

  • Parent-Teacher Meetings will take place over three afternoons outside of school hours.

  • All parents will be allotted a 10-minute slot per child with the relevant teacher.

  • Teachers will arrange a timetable in order to meet with all parents between 2.20pm and 5.00pm on the agreed three days.

  • Siblings’ meetings will be timetabled first so that they take place consecutively in so far as possible.




Roles and Responsibility for development, implementation and reporting


Board of Management/Principal

  • The Board of Management through the principal and teaching staff has overall responsibility for the development and implementation of this policy.




Success Criteria

The success of this policy will be judged by the successful implementation of its stated aims.


This policy is to be reviewed bi-annually or as the Board of Management deem necessary.

Ratification & Communication

Presented to the Board of Management school year 2015/16

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