June 2022

What a year! We came back to a completely refurbished school.  New floors, new presses, new storage and even some new staff……. But fortunately, the same children.  Children who always did their best at an appropriate level.  From Junior Infants all the way to 6th class everyone muddled through.  We all sanitised, where appropriate we masked up and we stayed in our pods and bubbles.  I think the parents were delighted to discover that children could find their own way to the classrooms and were able to carry their own bags.


There have been a few unexpected positives from the restrictions.  By restricting the numbers in the yards, we have had far fewer accidental collisions where younger children were knocked by older children.  By “closing” the coat racks we have had far fewer head lice breakouts.  By restricting parental access teachers have been able to commence work as soon as they bring children in.  By allowing children access and exit the building using different points we have reduced congestion at various pinch points.


As the year progressed, we had a few false dawns.  Would we close early / reopen late after Christmas.  Again, the children were great.  They, particularly the senior classes understood that we were taking baby steps.


The reintroduction of games into the yard was, in my opinion, a massive leap forward.  Children being children again, simply playing.  P.E. and music came next and for the senior classes, Santry training.  Drumcondra tests, Davis Shield projects and sports day all happened without too much bother.  “Harman” awards will be given by each class teacher and the Harvey Cup will be presented by Rev. Canon Gyles at a closed end of year service for 5th & 6th class.


August 31st will bring a new beginning.  Hopefully extra-curricular activities will return in September.  I am very aware that as I write there are still staff members and children out sick with “covid”, but hopefully there will be an even greater sense of normality come August.


Have a lovely Summer and thank you all for your support




S. Murray


Junior Infant

Firstly, I would like to thank all the parents for their continued support over the year. We have had a super year in Junior Infants! The children have been busy learning, playing and making friends. We have worked really hard and have had lots of fun along the way too!

We recently had a conversation about our favourite memories from our first year in school. Unsurprisingly lots of children mentioned their friends, especially meeting their new friends on the first day, as their favourite memory. Play using the Aistear framework was also another popular favourite. Our classroom has had a fruit and veg shop, restaurant, toyshop, vet, farm, garda station and travel agents at some point over the year. The children have also constructed impressive castles, hotels and houses with Duplo, Mobilo and Jaggo blocks, made arts and crafts, along with lots more! It was great to see the children develop their social skills as well as use their imagination and have fun while playing. Other mentions when asked about their favourite memories included the Santa Visit, making hot chocolate, watching a video about life on the farm (sent by Ms. Ward’s Dad), trips up to Gonzaga, Sports Day and story time.

Of course, there were a couple of children who said, ‘Absolutely everything!’ when asked what their favourite memory was, and I think that really sums up the year. It has been a great year; I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the class and I wish them all the best in the future. Well done Junior Infants!

Ms. Ward


Senior Infants

Senior Infants have had a wonderful third term. We’ve enjoyed doing the more ‘fun’ activities in literacy such as learning how to do crosswords and word searches with the tricky words that we have learned this year. Our news stories are getting longer too and we are enjoying writing about summer topics. On fine weather days we were able to take our maths outside. We experimented with sand and water to discover more about capacity and weight. We recently had a Games Day run by 6th class. We took part in station session maths games and literacy games all day! The rhyming games and silly sentences were the biggest hit.

Our Sports Day was a huge success. Everybody did a wonderful job doing their best but also supporting, encouraging and championing others to do their best too. We’re excited to receive our medals!

Our Teddybears picnic had to take place in the hall this year, but thankfully when the weather dried up we were able to go up to Gonzaga and enjoy some games with Junior Infants and Sixth Class. We really loved introducing our teddies to each other and showing them around the school, the teddies helped us with our work too.

Wishing all the parents of Senior Infants a wonderful summer holiday. It has been a pleasure to teach the class.




First Class

First class had a fantastic and fun-filled term with a huge focus on active discovery. They have shown themselves not only to be enthusiastic learners but also creative thinkers. In history, geography and science we learned all about Australia, the Aboriginal people, Australian animals and the Great Barrier Reef. They also designed and created their own sailboats, testing the density of everyday objects. First class also became eco warriors. They lead the way in Sandford winning the Green schools tidiest/most eco-friendly classroom not once but twice this term. In maths first class developed their skills in adding and subtracting larger numbers. They used lots of different strategies to solve problems, including counting on the 100 square, mental computation and exploring the use of difficult algorithms. 

The month of May brought better weather, more outdoor activities and of course Sports Day! First class had a blast playing rounders, soccer and competing in all of the races. It was a day to remember!

First class love to sing and dance and we have had many musical moments this year. During our Gaeilge lessons each day we sing and dance. We also learned to perform ‘Molly Malone’, ‘Your song’, ‘An bhfaca tú mo Shéamuisín?’ and ‘9 to 5’ this year. In visual art first class were very busy sewing and designing hand puppets. This was a new skill for the class and it really put their fine motor skills to the test. They also created aboriginal paintings, crazy hair self-portraits and PRIDE themed handprints.

Celebrating PRIDE was very important during the month of June. We learned about what PRIDE means and how important the celebration is by reading books, designing artwork, sharing our knowledge and by always upholding our classroom and school ethos of being inclusive and kind to everyone.

Our school tour to Causey Farm in County Meath was certainly one of the highlights of the school year. First class thoroughly enjoyed their first ever school tour. The bog jumping was mighty fun and we also loved seeing and feeding the farm animals, especially Gloria the pig! First class got lost and found in the mirror maze and also had so much fun making giant bubbles. It was an unforgettable tour! 

Wishing everyone in first class a wonderful summer.

Ms Murphy



2nd Class

We have had a great year in 2nd class. We started off the year with a new teacher and now we don’t want to leave her. We loved our Art lessons, especially canvas painting, drawing and watercolour painting. In P.E we enjoyed basketball, dodgeball, soccer and rounders. As a class we loved our music lessons with Ms. Lyons. We learned some songs from Eurovision and played lots of Staff Wars. In English we did the Wordle everyday. We researched loads of different countries including India and Portugal. We also looked at famous landmarks like The Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House and The Great Wall of China . We became Engineers and designed and made solar box ovens and parachutes. Some of our favourite events throughout the year were World Book Day, Sports Day and our school tour to Causey Farm in Meath. We have made so many new memories together and we will all miss 2nd class. We are all really excited to go into 3rd class. 


3rd Class 

This term we worked on a project called Picker Pals.  Every 2 nights one pf us gets to bring the rucksack home & pick up some litter to help clean up our community. 

In May, we went on our school tour to Astropark in Coolock.  It was so much fun.  There were games, bouncing castles & even a Nerf war!

We did lots of art too but our favourite was the artist, James Rizzi.  James Rizzi does cityscapes with silly faces & vibrant colours.  It was so much fun.

A few days ago, when 6th Class were on tour we did baking in their room.  We made Lemonade Scones & ate them afterwards with jam, lemon curd & cream.  They were delicious! 


Lucy S, Brooke & Anna De N

4th Class

Hi everyone,

As the academic year comes to a close, it is also a great time to reflect on all the events that have taken place in recent months.

4th class have put in a tremendous amount of work this year. During art, the students used chalk, paints, clay, and other materials with great success. Their work often reflected what they had learned in other subjects like science, history, geography, and maths.


The students enjoyed reading our class novels together. The three books read this year stimulated their imagination and highlighted some important life lessons through the eye of the main characters.


More recently, 3rd and 4th class enjoyed their fun-filled day in Astropark for their school tour, where they did numerous activities. We had great weather along with fantastic vocal performances on the bus!


I wish 4th class the best as they move onto 5th class next year.


Kind regards,

Mr. Condell

Fifth Class 


We are coming up to the end of 5th class which means that we are approaching our last year of primary school. This year, we worked very hard on things such as our Davis Shield projects, our European Union projects and our briathra neamhrialta. Though we were busy, we still had lots of fun. We had lots of fun doing sports this year. We did basketball, running, dodgeball and lots of rounders, to name a few! Lots of people did Santry and both the girls and boys won trophies. 

Our Michelangelo art (where we lay on our backs on the floor to draw pictures on paper stuck to the underside of our tables!), Green Team meetings, sports day and our trip to Zipit were some of our highlights for the year! 

As you know, next year we will be in 6th class- our last year of Sandford. We are now looking forward to our summer with two months of no school! We’ve had so much fun this year and we’re really excited for next year. 


Written on behalf of Rang a Cúig by Holly, Kyla, Isabella and Elizabeth. 

6th Class

The A-Z of Sandford

A is for Aistear; from when we were young

B is for Besties; who make the day fun.

C is for Covid; we're just at the end;

D is for Davis Shield; don't let them start again.

E is for Egg and Spoon race; I hope it doesn't break,

F is for Food Dudes; I'd rather eat a steak.

G is for 'grape attack'; the twins are at war,

H is for Home-schooling; that was quite the bore.

I is for Ice-Cream van; I was really glad,

J is for Jamall; what a great lad!

K is for Kingdoms; I hope they don't guess me,

L is for Leonardo Da Lynchi; are we related-let's see.

M is for Millie Bear; everyone got a turn

N is for Newsround; it was great for us to learn.

O is for Octapus; it was always such fun;

P is for Pride; we accept everyone.

Q is for Queen; we like to sing along,

R is for Rinne; where our friends have gone.

S is for stickies; they caused many fights;

T is for Tables Champion; which nobody likes.

U is for Ultimate Tag; I better not get caught;

V is for Vaseline Football; our greatest ever thought.

W is for Wall- where William hit his head;

X is for eXams; when I take them, I feel dead.

Y is for Yard; remember when it was split;

Z is for Zipit- I hope we can do it!