28th October 2022

Dear Parents,

Yesterday was a red-letter day for me in that I “did” my first infant yard duty of the year.  Junior infants were shocked to see me, and most were over like a shot, determined to show me their “hoodies” or their shoes or anything really that would get a response. Senior infants and first class just waved, shouted hello, and in general got on with the serious business of having fun and playing.

It is really great to see the children just getting on with the serious business of being children.  As school settles into its new routines there are a lot fewer worried faces out there.  It is great to have I.R.F.U. coaches back for 4th to 6th classes and 2nd and 3rd class will have sessions after the midterm break.  Cricket Ireland have also been in touch and we hope to have coaching sessions for children from 2nd to 6th class after midterm break. 

Between these activities, yoga and our weekly assemblies one could almost forget about covid.  It's great to see children congregating in the hall.  Similarly, it was great to attend at both the Start of Year and Harvest Services and once again here our choir sing.  I look forward to the Carol Service.

Parent Teacher meetings will again be “face to face” this year.  It will be nice to actually greet people in person again.  Slowly but surely, we are all heading in the right direction.  I am sure there will be the odd “speed bump” along the way but hopefully nothing insurmountable. We just need to look at all the smiling faces to know that, as a community, we will “muddle through”.

Thank you for all your support.


Senan Murray