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Introductory Statement


This policy was formulated by the staff of Sandford Parish National School to facilitate the smooth running of the school.





  • To benefit pupil learning

  • To encourage pupils to work independently and take responsibility for their assignments.

  • To reinforce work done in class

  • To develop study skills

  • To promote a similar approach to homework across all classes

  • To strengthen links between home and school




Content of policy


  • Homework is seen as a reinforcement of work done in class.

  • Homework is set from Monday to Thursday nights.

  • Children take varying amounts of time to complete homework.  The following are guidelines for the approximate amount of time pupils in each class should take:

            Junior Infants:             10 minutes (mainly oral)

            Senior Infants:            20 minutes (mainly oral)

            1st Class/2nd Class       30 minutes (written and oral)

            3rd Class/4th Class        45 minutes (written and oral)

            5th Class/6th Class        60 minutes (written and oral)

  • Children from 1st to 6th Classes write their homework in a homework journal every day. 

  • Parents/Guardians are expected to sign the homework journal. There is whole school agreement on this.

  • Homework is checked by the class teacher on a daily basis.  Homework journals (1st-6th class) are checked regularly.

  • In 3rd to 6th Class, homework is used as part of the system of rewards through the use of Homework passes (see Code of Behaviour).

  • If homework is not completed for any reason a written excuse should be provided the next day.

  • If homework is not to an adequate standard it is repeated

  • If homework is not done a note may be written by the class teacher in the child’s homework journal (1st-6th Class) and signed by a parent/guardian.  In the infant classes the parents are informed if there is a problem.

  • Parents/guardians are made aware of the agreed procedures in relation to homework through the Sandford National School Booklet.

  • The homework for children with special needs may be modified on an individual basis.

  • Where the setting of homework is causing unnecessary anxiety, parents should advise the class teacher of their concerns.


Roles and Responsibility for development, implementation and reporting


Board of Management/Principal

  • The Board of Management through the principal and teaching staff has overall responsibility for the development and implementation of this policy.


Class Teachers

  • The class teacher sets and checks homework on a daily basis.

  • The class teacher checks homework journals on a regular basis.

  • The class teacher liaises with pupils and parents and deals with any difficulties as the need arises.



  • It is the pupil’s responsibility to complete his/her homework under the guidance of a parent/guardian.

  • If there is homework that a pupil is having a problem with, he/she should bring this to the attention of their parent/guardian and teacher.




  • Parents/guardians should provide guidance or advice about homework and it is desirable for parents/guardians to hear oral work.

  • However parents/guardians, older brothers or sisters should not do homework for the child.

  • If there is a consistent difficulty with homework parents/guardians should contact the class teacher.

  • It is best if parents/guardians help establish a routine for doing homework ie. a specific place and time each day and that an adult is on hand to offer advice and encouragement where needed.

  • Parents should check homework and sign the child’s homework journal (1st-6th Class) on completion of homework.  Any problems regarding homework can be noted in the journal at this point. 

  • If homework is not completed for any reason a written excuse must be provided the next day (in the homework journal or a note to the class teacher)



Success Criteria

The success of this policy will be judged on the feedback from teachers, pupils, and parents and on the satisfactory homework given by teachers and submitted by pupils.


This policy is to be reviewed bi-annually or as the Board of Management deem necessary.

Ratification & Communication

Presented to the Board of Management school year 2010/2011.

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